About the project

Our mission is to promote Slovak manufacturers and service providers. We show that buying Slovak products makes sense, that they provide quality, a good price and value. We present the essence of Slovak manufacturing through the story of the production process. The main ambition is to help products penetrate other markets abroad. We use our communication channels and videos to show how products are made and of what kind of quality in Slovakia. In our project, we focus on Slovak quality, competitiveness and the export potential of domestic products. We support a broad spectrum of producers, from iconic favourites like Chrumky and Horalky, through beverages, wine and beer, to innovative products and traditional Slovak products, such as the fujara and bryndza cheese.


We come to the producer, the manufacturer or the service provider; we talk to them and observe the process, and then we start filming.
In the studio, we edit, add commentary and information graphics and create a 5-minute video. All of this is done in an output of image, sound and dramaturgic quality of the “Discovery channel” and the “How It’s Made” show.
We then present the production process to the lay and professional public through our communication channels.


We want to capture the whole spectrum of Slovak manufacturers, products and service providers, from foods through industry, clothing and footwear, to innovations such as robots and flying cars. We focus on both large producers as well as local producers and farmers. We point out this variety and quality by depicting the production process through our communication channels.
And in contrast, they have something to offer abroad…
Made in Slovakia - Imported things can be great, but slovak products are often even better!

Social Networks

Made in Slovakia has its own social networks, where we publish matters of interest, interviews, trailers for content on the portal, behind the scenes from filming and links to the video portal. The social networks are supported by promotional credits, page-like campaigns and contests.
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Media space

Media is a great opportunity to spread talent, innovation and extraordinary. And together with our media partners we want to spread the stories and projects that make our country so special.

Television programme

Once each week, the television show “Vyrobené na Slovensku” (“Made in Slovakia”) is broadcast in the programme schedule, and it always includes three 5-minute production processes, i.e. “How It’s Made” in Slovak.

Radio programme

A series of reporting spots on processes and interesting matters from the production of everyday things on the Slovak radio airwaves.


International forums and presentations

Diplomats and state agencies can use the Made in Slovakia project to promote Slovak products abroad, during negotiations and at economic forums and events.


Workshops and events, the participation of Made in Slovakia in various public events, such as Dobrý trh (The Good Market), the Urban market together with project partners.


Various possibilities for cooperation and opportunities within the catalogue of the project partners and their interconnection.


Once each year an event/conference is held for all the project partners.